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Visual presentations for public speakers

Working in the live events industry for nearly a decade, I’ve seen hundreds of presentations from a variety of skilled speakers. What sets some presenters apart from the rest is the quality and use of their visuals to build upon and fortify their message.


That’s my specialty.


I’ve designed stunning, visually engaging presentations for speakers across North America. I’ve worked with notable clients like McDonald’s Canada, CIBC, EDC and Payments Canada to move their visual presentations up to brand standards and help bring their message to life from initial storyboarding, design and animation, and even during events as backstage operator. 

 PPT Animation Sample 

This entire video was created in Powerpoint. As a program that is often undervalued and overlooked as  simply a "slide deck", in the right hands Powerpoint can create eye-catching, interactive, cue-able and easily editable presentations to suit nearly any need.

Internal Communication Presentation

This presentation was created for a long-time client's annual employee conference for over 1000 attendees. It was designed as cued visual support for a scripted in-person speaker.

Some elements have been modified to protect client privacy.

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